Time goes by too fast.

April 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

He sits up now.  He rolls all the way across the living room and he scoots forward and backward.  It isn’t supposed to happen this fast.  He’s supposed to be teeny forever.

He blows bubbles all day long!

Sweet E smile.

Joey is *so* distracting… and the picture time is over, lol!

In all honesty, I’m feeling little pangs of sadness as the 3 grow… probably postpartum stuff, but I feel it nonetheless.  I *love* being a mama of boys.  LOVE it.  But, I worry.  Paul isn’t close to his parents, mostly because they live in different states, but that worries me.  I’m incredibly close with my family/mom.  I find myself wondering if my boys will have that connection with me.  I’m just rambling, and it doesn’t make sense as I write it, but Paul reassures me all the time that I will have an amazing relationship with the boys at every stage of their lives.  I hope, with every ounce of my being, so.

(as a side note, the pictures were taken at ISO 800, F4.5, and shutter at 1/40-60 of a sec.  Color correction done since they were a bit light, almost frosty looking?)


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