Easter was wonderful!

April 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

It was such a beautiful day with family! The boys went on far too many egg hunts, since every time an uncle or aunt shows up, they felt the need to refill the eggs (with $ no less) and start the fun all over again.

Egg hunting did have it’s fair share of battles though… you see, Joey just didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to find all of them… or at least more than his brother. Having such competitive children is never boring.

Ethan enjoyed reaching for the beautiful eggs, but is sick again. I talked to his ped, and it looks like any time he is exposed to a simple cold, we will deal with repercussions of bronchiolitis. Sigh. It doesn’t seem to phase him too much, he just needs to be stuck to me at all times to be comfortable.

I have done a bit of work here and there… knitting a couple of things that are far overdue, including rainbow socks and baby hats. It’s slow going, since I have yet to master knitting while holding E. I am hoping to move through it, since I need to start next year’s sweaters. Joey has his request in, and I am hoping to do a FLS for me. I’ve got a few lined up for Ethan, since his are so small and they will hopefully go quick!

I am also dyeing again. My favorite this week? My friend Sonya did a matching shirt for a collaboration that we are auctioning off :).

It’s been a busy week. And tonight we get to face the middle of the week with a trip to Chuck e Cheese. WHY?! Well, it’s our once a year thing, and it’s a fund raiser for Joey’s school, so it will be for a good cause. This should be fun.


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  • chelle says:

    awww such sweetness. I am so craving to dye some wool. Can you believe I still have some from the cone from the coop FOREVER ago. So sad … tsk tsk … I haven’t bought new yarn in so long, I just keep on knitting up the stash … and knitting and knitting 🙂 Helps that I can knit hats, mittens and scarves every year!

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