Life without internet.

March 17, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ll be honest, if I set aside the part where I had go to the library to pay bills online, it was wonderful. The house has changed, the kids have grown, and I’m enjoying my mom to 3 role.

We finished our renovations. The upstairs room is a playroom, and a kickass one at that. Originally it had 70’s paneling and a funky, non usable, closet. Paul tore it down, drywalled, textured, and then we painted. There is a reading center, a play table for trains, a work/craft center, a pretend play area, and of course, a sewing area. It’s in a bit of a disarray this morning. I still need to organize the sewing area, get stools for the work table, and there are a few things that still need to be unpacked.

All 3 boys are getting so big. Chris is doing SO well in school, even with the change we had to make. 4 is proving to be a bit rough for Joey, both on us and him. But, it all goes away when he interacts with Ethan. He was born to be a big brother :). Ethan started rolling last week, and he doesn’t look anything like a brand new baby. The fact that he is already 19 lbs may have something to do with that. A couple trips to the ER last week took a toll on us, but we have a breathing machine and he is getting better as fast as he got sick!


§ One Response to Life without internet.

  • chelle says:

    awww Ethan looks so much like Chris and Joey!!

    I was missing updates!!! The room looks FABULOUS!
    My Ethan only weighs 7 lbs more than yours! HAHA!

    The beginning of 4 was a little rough but now at 4.5 Becca is amazing.


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