Who updates their blog while pregnant????

September 30, 2008 § 4 Comments

Well, I don’t. That’s for dang sure.

So much has happened, so much is happening. We are getting ready for baby, and it seems so real now. It has gone fast, and while I have enjoyed this pregnancy (weeeeellllll, not so much the first trimester), I am very ready to met this serious soccer player. I believe his goal is somewhere in my right side ribs…

(not the best pic, but it gives you a good 33 week profile!!!!)

Joey is especially excited. Not to say that Chris isn’t, because he is, he just shows things differently. Anyway, Joey feels the need to try out all baby gadgets with his baby dolls, he loves my tummy, sings to Ethan daily, and asks *often* how much more time there is left.

We also have a new addition. We really went back and forth on him, given the upcoming growth of our family, but in the end (and after a TON of research) we decided to go for it. Paul’s friend from work gave him to us… he wanted him to have a good home.

He is the sweetest, sleepiest, slowest puppy on the face of the earth. His schedule aligns with Winston’s, and apart from inhaling food, which results in the worst smelling farts in the world, he is just perfect. He is house trained for the most part, loves his crate, and starts doggie school in a week.

Without further ado, I give you King Charles, a.k.a. Charlie.


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