Back in the swing of things!

July 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

Vacation was good.  It had it’s issues, but for the most part we all had a wonderful time.  I need to get my photos organized and write all about it.  I am happy to be home, and am really working on baby stuff now (since I only have 16 weeks left!!!!!!!!)

I love making him things while he is kicking away inside.  It’s the most wonderful connection.

Up first, a woolie outfit.  Knit, dyed, and sewn by me.

And the diapers I’ve made (aren’t the umbilical fold downs the cutest?)-

I’ve been working on these a bit at a time.  I think I may finish up the 3 I have cut out, and move on to sewing the next size.  I will have 26 fitteds (14 made by me) & 18 prefolds (6 by me) for the newborn stage, and I am hoping that’s enough.  I used cloth on Joey from birth, but I had a diaper service that dropped off enough diapers for a week, so running out wasn’t a concern.

I am kind of getting antsy about what I need.  I got rid of almost everything, since Joey was our last ;).  We are handing down Joey’s carseat to the baby, so I need a new cover and straps for it (for a small fortune, since they have to come from the manufacturer).  So, Joey needs a new one.  We are probably going with the Britax Frontier, since it’s a 5 point harness until 80 pounds…. I tell you, the joys of carseat comparison shopping are just endless.  And to add to my list of requirements for a seat, Joey is VERY particular about the color of it.

And I need to get a couple of missing pieces for the cosleeper I got second hand.

That’s my list.

What else?  You would think that I would have this baby thing down pat.  But I feel totally lost.  I guess that’s what 4 years between babies will do to you.


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