Fevers are no fun!

June 16, 2008 § 3 Comments

We had a wonderful weekend!  Friday we spoiled ourselves with Souplantation, the boys *favorite* place to eat, and Saturday was filled with swimming, an end of the year party for Joey, and dinner with my parents.

Then Saturday evening hit.  Chris had a fever.  I watched it to make sure it wasn’t heat exhaustion, but he was also kind of achy.  I gave him a fever reducer, and he slept well.  Next morning (father’s day) wasn’t so good.  By about 4, his fever was at 105, and Paul got me all worried (I am of the belief that fevers are good things), so I gave him meds, again.  But, I think that was it’s breaking point, and he has been normal since.

He feels better today, but I kept him home from school for some R&R.  He said that his throat hurts a tiny bit, as does his ear, so I am left with the decision on taking him to the doc.  I am stuck between wanting to take him in, so that he can enjoy his last week of school with his friends, and wanting his body to work through it with the help of immune boosters and homeopathy.

All this fun stuff gets to happen right before Paul leaves for Atlanta for 2 days.  I am not good alone.  Paul is the most amazing Dad and Husband after work.  Ack!

Anyway, to end my super scattered entry, here are some of my favorites, in honor of dad’s day.


§ 3 Responses to Fevers are no fun!

  • chelle says:

    awwww great pictures!

    Poor Chris!! Hope he feels better soon!!!

    Miss you

  • hjdong says:

    Great pics!

    My general rule of thumb on fevers is no meds until 105, then, as long as it goes under 102 with the meds, no Dr. He’s only been to the Dr. once for fever. I’ve kept alive so far :-). Note: I am no Dr. and this is for children only. I have no idea the rules for babies. I can’t be sud for what I say on the internet right?

    Good luck on the single parent thing. I am so not good at it.

  • hjdong says:

    Ah, that should be sued, not sud. Can’t. type. in. heat.

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