I’ve been knitting.

April 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

A LOT. Why you ask? I am on modified bedrest. I guess the baby’s placenta wasn’t cozy enough in it’s chosen spot… so it tore. Nice, huh? All seems to be ok, but it’s really just a waiting game. I did get to see peanut’s heartbeat, and he/she was just moving all over the place :). That brought me some comfort after 7 hours in the emergency room.

In better pregnancy news, I am going on week 12, and it really looks like this -i feel like I am going to puke at any given second- feeling is going away. Yeehaw.

Due to all the drama, our camping trip got canceled… my poor boys. They understood that mama needed to take it easy, and Paul eased the pain by offering the perfect solution.

The tent-

Getting ready to roast hot dogs-

The smore eatin’-

And, to add to his superhusbandness, he stayed home with me all week. He did music class, played taxi, made dinners, did *almost* all the laundry, and he worked from home. *Sigh* I love him.


§ 3 Responses to I’ve been knitting.

  • Holly says:

    Yikes. Sorry to hear about your scare, but glad everything seems to be alright. We would be happy to come over and amuse, if that won’t be too much. Hard to tell, work or relief?

    Way to go Paul! Now if only there were videos of the music class :-).

  • chelle says:

    Yay for tents in the backyard, great husbands, smores, AND 12 WEEKS! Poor little peanut!!! I am glad that you is well so far. REST REST REST. Hating that i am so far away!!

  • Ula says:

    Your husband sounds like a keeper. 🙂 I hope you can continue to get lots of rest and take care of yourself. Love the home-camping pictures!

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