The boys got a craft area!!

March 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

Well, the last month was very full. My brother needed a temporary place to stay, so we provided :). He moved out on Friday, and we added to the sewing room (which was already in a upheaval from him staying).

Joey loves to play on the floor while I sew and wind yarn. He plays trains, reads books, plays memory, etc. Chris needed a good creative place for his drawings and story writing. So, what does a mom -who has an ikea within 15 miles- do? This.

They are in love! It may be the newness of it all, but they have been at that table for hours each day. And they play well…. well, except when Joey uses the dot-dot stampers to jump on Chris’ shark drawing. That almost caused the world to come to an end.


§ 3 Responses to The boys got a craft area!!

  • chelle says:

    What a wonderful space! I miss Ikea! I miss you guys!!
    I think it is great that they can work in the space you work!

  • Holly says:

    I lvoe that. I need to mix up James’ space because he never even sees it anymore.

  • Ula says:

    What a cozy, fun space! My husband and I have our eyes on IKEA for a home-office/sewing room re-do (we share a very small room and we need to make it more efficient). Unfortunately the closest one is 3 hours away and I have no idea what it would cost to ship the stuff. Maybe it’s worth a day trip?

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