My poor, poor Winston.

February 11, 2008 § 6 Comments

The wonderpug is down. Not only does the poor guy have 20 stitches in his knee (yes, knee.), he has to wear a satellite dish.

See the square of bald pug butt? From the right angle, he looks like a chinese crested hairless.

60 days of no running, jumping, playing, off leash exercise, etc. Yeah, doc. You tell that to the 1 year old who hasn’t even come remotely close to leaving the puppy stage.


And since I am updating, I have to show some stuff I haven’t been able to. One was a belated gift, the other I kept forgetting to upload.

The patchy wristlet-


It’s piece, quilted and put together by me :). I wish I would have used a lighter thread on the front, but still, I love how it came out.

And some super soft yarn-


§ 6 Responses to My poor, poor Winston.

  • chelle says:

    OOOoo I love the wristlet! I was going to tell you that I ordered the owl wristlet from Club Thread … I have this weird thing for owls lately! I like the dark stitching it adds a little flair,

    Your yarn is always delicious!

    Poor Winston! I do hope he feels better soon!

  • Que Sarah says:

    What happened to poor Winston? Wow, good luck keeping him not active!!!
    I love your wristlet, I think you did an amazing job on it! I like the dark thread, I think it adds a nice contrast to it!

  • Holly says:

    As the recepient, I would say the wristlet is totally awesome.

    Winston, looks, well, not so good. Thanks for posting the picture though. I get perverse pleasure out of dog’s with e-collars on. But just look at the face. Sick, I know.

  • Jen says:

    The yarn is gorgeous. I’m sorry about your poor doggie. He’s adorable, though.

  • Ula says:

    Oh poor puppy. I hope he’s feeling better soon. Love the wristlet!

  • Paisley Jade says:

    I just loveyour wristlet too! So want to make one of those sometime!

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