Can’t something go right?

January 31, 2008 § 2 Comments


Winston started limping last week. The hip dysplasia surgery will have to come sooner than we thought. Gmail decided to eat 400 emails over the last month… so I have a few irritated customers, and some friends who think I hate them. I filled out and notorized the wrong birth certificate form, need to do another (or wait 6-8 months!). My knitpicks harmony needles broke (I didn’t even call for replacements… I WON’T be ordering more of those). I am almost at the toe of the damn socks.

Here is my mini sob story about the needles. I was knitting away, and snap. The wood broke at the join. broke. I’m not rough on needles. Then, as I set them down to regroup and get a drink (not that kind of drink, people!), Joey *stepped* on a needle from the other circ the socks are on. You have GOT to be kidding me.

The socks (see the upper left corner for the damaged needles).


But, the boys are just being so good lately, so I guess it makes everything all better. Here they are doing a dance for me (and check out the bed head/Dennis the Menace look!) 🙂

and Chris wanted me to take a pic of his latest lego creations!  I love his robots!

I know things will start going smoother… I just want that to happen now.  But who am I kidding?


§ 2 Responses to Can’t something go right?

  • chelle says:

    The boys look so cute!!!

    Things will go smoother .. Sorry to read about Winston, that is rough 😦

    Egads about the needle! I would call for a replacement! Too bad too those needles are so pretty, I have admired them from afar for what feels like forever. Somehow I cannot justify the purchase. I (heart) my set though.

  • Ula says:

    Sorry you are having a rough time! The socks look awesome though.
    E-mail me if you want to talk about the hip dysplasia stuff. I have a son who was born with bilateral hip dysplasia and had two surgeries for it (he is now 18 months old). Hang in there!

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