Just braggin’ on my Dad a little bit.

December 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

The guy is a graphic design genius.

I was going to attempt to design our Christmas cards with my new Adobe Elements program, but I needed them done like yesterday. It finally dawned on me… my dad designs cool things all the time (las vegas hotel menus/programs, book layouts, advertising stuff, etc).

So, I took him the pics yesterday night, typed out the wording, and like 15 minutes later (if that), he handed me this-


It’s just what we needed. I didn’t want the cheesey Kodak cards this year (not to mention the fact that I waited until the 13th of December to hop on this task, lol).

Ok, off to nurse a sick kid (and a sick self). AKA- Take a nap.

As a side of frustration. I can’t seem to post new posts without having serious wordpress issues. The damn site won’t insert paragraph breaks, it won’t add picture links to thumbnails (hence the gigantic, doesn’t fit in the text box, picture above), and I am beyond irritated. —-scratch that. I figured out that it’s a Safari thing… things are much better with firefox (and as another side note, I feel like such an internet dork).


§ 2 Responses to Just braggin’ on my Dad a little bit.

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