Superpower wristers

December 12, 2007 § 4 Comments

So, after Chris took off with my alpaca/silk Fetching gloves, I knew I needed to make the boys a couple of pairs.  After a few misses (I thought I could actually make a thumb for chubby fingers.  ha.), here is the pattern-

I usually work them up magic looped, but you’d rather have them on DPN’s, just have an equal number of stitches per needle. 

Yarn- Malabrigo or 100purewool, about 1.5-2 oz. 

Needle- US 7 

Gauge- I have no idea. I’ll try to figure it out on my next pair. 

Sizes- Small (ages 3-6ish), Medium in parenthesis (ages 5-10) 

Small (Medium) 

Cast on 28 (32) loosely, place marker, join round, and work in the following stitch pattern. 

Small pair- 2×2 rib for 26 rows (you can adjust depending on how long you’d like them). 

Medium pair- 3×1 rib for 32 rows (again, you can add more rows here if you’d like more length). 

At the end of the last wrist row worked, stop, turn work and knit the WS (wrong side) of the work following the stitch pattern. Work stockinette, turning work instead of knitting in the round, for 5 more rows. On your last row (RS), rejoin the round (knitting the bridge stitch *very* tight). 

Knit for 4(6) more rows and bind off in the stitch pattern. 






§ 4 Responses to Superpower wristers

  • chelle says:

    Ooo those look so great!
    I am thinking Becca is liking the mittens I knit her because they DO cover her fingers! heehe!

    Are you set for Christmas???

  • hjdong says:

    Thse will be so great once I stop knitting (insert explative here) cotton things for Christmas, get back to work on Jamie’s socks, finish the scond one, and then he can have Spiderman wristwarmrs to match! That will be so cool. Someday. Remind me of this pattern, o.k.?

  • Very cool! Super-Power Wristers! I could just see my little one sliding those on his hands, and pretending to shoot Spiderman webs at people, out of them!
    Wish I knew how to knit! 🙂

  • Ula says:

    Great idea! I bet the boys are really having fun with those!

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