Process vs. Product

November 15, 2007 § 2 Comments

As I sit here, contemplating whether or not I should cast on a shawl, I have come to the realization that I am a process knitter. The product isn’t really important. In fact, I can’t remember the last product I finished for myself or the family. It’s frustrating. I want to finish things, admire their beauty, gift them to loved ones, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

But then I think about it again, and it doesn’t seem all that important to finish. I love to knit. I love to purl. I love watching the colors of a skein of yarn twist and dance throughout a project. I love watching 2 sticks shape string into a garment, with all it’s curves, bumps, and turns.

Seriously though, I have to work through the process thing, and at least finish something. Here is what is on the needles.

1. Socks for me (actively knitting at night)

2. A hat for Steve (on the go)

3. Joey’s sweater (now, I am actually planning on using this as holiday knitting. You know, during all the craziness… or is that just my only justification for another project?!)

4. A chevron scarf. I am toying with giving this to my mama for Christmas. It would look so stunning on her. (worked on when my hands need a sock break)

5. Chris’ sweater (and the excuse for the lull here is that the pattern runs insanely small, and I’ll be lucky if the damn thing fits Joey!)

6. My Wicked sweater. (It’s in time out. I hate the yarn.)

7. 2 pairs of kids armwarmers. (I am trying to perfect my pattern, here. Leave me alone!)

And I want to cast on a SHAWL? I might even do it if I can find the right needles, lol.

Here is what I need to finish for Christmas

the Chevron scarf

the shawl (see? I am casting it on, lol)

Fetching for my sis

weasley sweater ornaments for the boys

Now, the hard part. Do I work on one at a time? Do I just keep rotating so I don’t get bored? Sweet lordy. I don’t even know how to attempt to finish a knitting problem project.

I need to go to meetings for this.


§ 2 Responses to Process vs. Product

  • chelle says:

    I like to have more than one project on the sticks at a time. At the moment I only have socks and I am annoyed.

    The process is good.

  • hjdong says:

    Seriously, give. away. the. chevron. scarf. I don’t care if she gave birth to you, it really couldn’t have been THAT bad. 🙂

    I get all jumpy if I have more than 4. But I do feel sad when a big one comes to an end, so i start knitting more and more slowly.

    No, I haven’t touched my sweater since the last time we knitted, why do you ask?

    Oh, civilgrl (or something like that) on ravelry has the same decrease issue that I do on her sweater (she doesn’t mention it, I just looked realy closely) and it looks fine. Wiping brow.

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