the vet.

October 5, 2007 § 3 Comments

Gotta love the vet.

They love me. I think I have given enough to pay their house payment a few times over. Well, maybe not that much.

It seems that dogs can’t get human germs, so Winston needed to go to the vet (he was still throwing up yesterday morning). An abdomen x-ray and $225 later, and he found quite a few rocks, a toy or 2 (he even asked me if I recognized the toy in the x-ray!!!), and a possible blockage (fan-freaking-tastic.)

Oh, and the kicker? He has hip dysplacia. When they told me this I was sorta freaking out at the thought of stomach surgery costs, so I just started laughing… and couldn’t stop. My vet probably thought I had lost it. It means surgery in a few years to fix it. Another million dollars coming their way.

He is eating fine (well of course he is eating fine. he is on a special -vet recommended- diet of cottage cheese, chicken and rice. he thinks he is in heaven as I am on strict orders to feed him as much as he wants. did i mention that he is a pug, and they are prone to overeating and weight issues?).  He did stop throwing up, so no stomach surgery today.

At least something went in my favor.


§ 3 Responses to the vet.

  • chelle says:

    awww poor puppy.

    I totally understand your frustration! What can you do though? They become family.

  • Holly says:

    Oh maaaan. O.k., advice for the few years (I have been through just about every dog issue), there is the expensive hip displasia surgery (they replace the ball) and the cheap(er) surgery (they saw the ball off and wrap it with tendons or something (how’s that for more lame medical advice?). My dog did absolutely fine with the $2000 cheaper version (I mean really, you would have never know he had the surgery. Dogs can walk with 3 legs. I’m just saying :-).

  • sunshynemama says:

    OH God Holly. I know you were wanting to make me feel better with that… but the thought of one of the surgeries being $2k cheaper makes me want to throw up (which I am finally done doing).

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