It was a wonderful evening…

October 3, 2007 § 2 Comments

We were at my mom’s, enjoying a great dinner, celebrating my future SIL’s birthday, and BHAM. Joey pukes. AGAIN. A-freaking-gain.

I need it to stop. He started last Sunday. No, not 4 days ago Sunday, the other last Sunday. Then round two came on Saturday, then round 3 today. I have a huge amount of work, laundry piled to the ceiling (well maybe not *quite* that high) since I haven’t washed anything but sheets and comforters for the last 2 weeks, and I have halloween costumes to make.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the bus forgot(!) Chris. Granted, they did have a sub who -i guess- was unfamiliar with the rountine… but there I was, waiting at the bus stop, and no Chris. Talk about a heart in the throat moment. He was safely in the office, but still. Oh, and he announced that his mom must have forgot him. Greeeeeeaaaat.

I have half a mind to wander around the house dropping f-bombs. I am tired. Exhausted actually. And I do NOT want to see any more puke.


§ 2 Responses to It was a wonderful evening…

  • Holly says:

    Oh. I jsut e-mailed to see if we were on for Sun. I guess that’s a no.

    I’m no Dr., but occasionally I play one on home videos; could they be reinfecting each other. In which case, of course, I don’t know what to do (we home video Dr.’s have limited usefulness), but it’s just a thought.

    You need Clorox hard surface disenfectant. And a hug. And a washerwoman. Oh, for the days of washerwomen.

  • chelle says:

    awww poor Joey. I hope he is feeling better.

    egads on the bus forgetting Chris that would have been so scary.

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