I did it. I did it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

September 27, 2007 § 2 Comments

I broke down and did something for me. It feels damn good. I got myself the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book, which i have been pining for since Holly let me thumb through hers. I tell you, that woman must have a massive knitting book collection. She ALWAYS comes to knitting with something amazing. Speaking of, I need to email her.

Ok, getting sidetracked. I also finally got my cashmere together for the Chevron scarf. Check this-


The “Aries” was dyed by me, and I am just beaming over it.

And I also ordered some Harmony needles. I loathe DPN’s. LOATHE. I needed them to make my socks move along a bit smoother. I can’t wait until they get here.

Ok, I am exhausted. I need to get to bed. Need more yarniness? Here is “Northern Lights” I dyed for a friend this week-


ACK! I almost forgot. Chris’ kindy class gives them a homework calendar. It’s more of a guideline, and parents are allowed to modify to their child’s ability. So instead of walking around the house, finding shapes in everyday things, what does this wannabe-photographer mama do? Gives the kid the $$$$ camera, lol. He has to wear the strap around his neck, and he can only use it with my permission. Here is his work. Such a budding artist.







Couldn’t find a good square, and my memory card was full. We had a great time together though.


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