he’s good, i’m good, we’re good.

September 25, 2007 § 2 Comments

That’s the update in a nutshell :).  I am glad to be good.

Jake came home on Friday, 14 staples in his tummy, a good sturdy neckbrace, and lots of pain meds.  We are totally doing better.  Before the accident, we were on rocky brother/sister terms, but he is one humbled guy.  And he is *so* thankful for his family.

I even fit in some sewing this weekend!


A mama hoodie for my store.

And guess what?!  My sweet Chris can spell his full name, write it, and is learning to read.  Where did time go?

And Joey?  He is going to be THREE!  We are only giving toys made by mama’s, and produced by responsible companies.  Here is the list.

My favorite up first, a ice cream game.  Yep, I spent a pretty penny on it, but it’s his big gift, and totally worth it.

Extras-  Tack zap and an Orchard Game by Haba.  Lots of wool foodies from Fair Trade Family and a sweet teddy from Spinning Dizzies.  That’s it for him.  I may sew him up a cute outfit or jammies, but who knows if I’ll get to it.

Ok, they need their bedtime books.  Chris and I are reading the Boxcar Children… ahh, the memories.  Joey wants to read as many books as he can hand us, which equals out to about 15 a night.


§ 2 Responses to he’s good, i’m good, we’re good.

  • Holly says:

    I’m glad everything is well. Happy birthday Joey!

    I just finished The Wind and the Willows with Jamie. I was surprised he liked it so well. He seems so random to me. I’m going to try My Side of the Mountain next, but I’ll add Boxcar Children to the list.

  • chelle says:


    Totally wish we could be there!!!!

    Glad your brother is ok.

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