I HATE dirt bikes.

September 20, 2007 § 5 Comments

I think I have said it before.

My brother is in the hospital. And I am left with another sibling that has, thank God, escaped death. I am not one to over-exaggerate, or embellish things, so when I say escape death, I mean it.

He broke vertabrae in his back/neck and in lower back, and his spleen was bleeding into his stomach. My ears get hot and my eyes start burning when I think about it all. To see your little brother, aka-superman, walking down a hospital corridor with a walker… it can almost bring you to your knees.

Got the phone call on Sunday, I don’t even remember what time (around noon, maybe?). My older-younger brother called to say that Jake was in an accident, but didn’t have specifics. He said he was alive, and I left for the hospital. It took a LONG time, lots of MRI’s and CAT scans, and the DR’s news wasn’t positive. He finally got in for emergency surgery around 6, and came through great around 8. I went home and collapsed. I was back up and at the hospital the next morning.

He was awake, but looked like crap. Couldn’t move, and just kept pushing his pain meds. I don’t know how Thursday has come around so fast, but it’s here. He walked 3 times yesterday, and is weaning himself off the pain meds so that he gets to come home sooner. They aren’t sure when though, as they haven’t given a date. We did hear early next week at one point. They have to be sure that he is infection/pneumonia free, as the spleen is what fights infection, and he no longer has one.

He decided to “retire” from dirt bike riding.

I love my little brother.


(Chris and Uncle Jake)


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