Time flies.

September 16, 2007 § 4 Comments

Things have settled nicely… and been so busy at the same time. It’s nice to have found a routine with the boys. My weekly schedule, you ask?

Monday- get boys ready. joey to nana’s. chris and i to school (i volunteer there). i sneak out a bit early, get Joey, then pick up Chris. paul’s home, we all walk, make dinner, and do the night thing.

Tuesday- boys ready. chris to the bus. joey to school. dye yarn. get joe and chris (on my 1 hour pick up routine because of their school release times!). paul’s home. go to the post office with international packages. TRY to get to yoga, and then the night thing.

Wednesday- repeat tuesday, but joey is home and does nap when i dye. chris gets out an hour early!?!? no yoga, walking instead.

Thursday- repeat tuesday, enter the grocery store instead of dyeing. try again to get to yoga.

Friday- boys ready. chris to the bus. play with joey. naptime, dye yarn, get chris, paul’s home, walk, dinner, movie night, bed.

Now, if it seems like a LOT, it is. Last week was great though. My favorite parts? Chris asking me *every day* if I was coming back to school to help out. And Joey and I sitting in the backyard feeding the birds together for a good 20 minutes (that is some serious challenging of the toddler attention span).

I’m also up to 5-7 pounds of yarn a week, here is a photo of just a few of last weeks skeins.


Oh, we went apple and raspberry picking yesterday at an amazing orchard! It was just wonderful to enjoy the boys. Applesauce is going to be in the pot as soon as I get off this thing.

Joey decided that since we had such a long drive, and that we were in the mountains, that we must be meeting Becca and Chelle there. Talk about a heartwrencher. He wants to mail her an apple :).

I’ll post some photos next week, in some of my free time.


§ 4 Responses to Time flies.

  • Holly says:

    Hey, we were apple picking yesterday too! We were at Los Rios Rancho (organic), where were you? How sad that we were at least in the same town (there’s ony one apple picking place, unless you went to Julian, but I’m guessing the fires kept you away) and we didn’t know it!

    I’ll be e-mailing you.

  • sunshynemama says:

    We were at Riley’s Log Cabin farm (also organic)… a little bit further down the road. We have gone there the last 3 years, and enjoy the torture of picking raspberries before picking apples :). They had a huge variety to choose from this year. We went with the Macintosh, and our applesauce turned out great!


  • chelle says:

    Becca thought we were going to California the other day! Btw … if J gets the job in Halifax I hope to come out and see you guys before we head back to Canada!

    Let me know if you will be doing any co-ops in the next while. I am on a knitting dying frenzy as of late.

    I am kicking myself that I did not order the sock cone! I am totally tempting myself with the acid dyes too. Our microwave was damaged in the move so we get to get a new one. The old one still works ….

    Mmmm apple picking sounds yummy!

    Oh (can you tell I miss you tons I have so much to share šŸ˜› ) .. I have lost 20 lbs! WW! w00t!

  • sunshynemama says:

    Ohhhh, coming to visit! That would be just amazing! You need yarn you say? How ’bout some organic merino :D?

    And 20 pounds!!!! You go girl! Keep it up.

    I’ll email you in a few days, life is a whirlwind right now.

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