I want to be in the circus.

August 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

I LOVE that. Seriously, as I have contemplated (far too much) what I will be doing in the next chapter of my life, I love that. I want to remember what it was like to think that you could do *any*thing. Now I am stuck figuring out what’s practical, feasible, and possible.

Anyway, back to the circus. We got a jungle gym from Target for 25 bucks. Yup. They love it, and more than that, it’s a house, a trapeze, a hut, a hideout (from Winston the wolf, you know), and so much more. It’s amazing how those Target closeouts can end up being the best buy of the year.

What did I get this week? I am so happy you asked. Delicious yarn from my sock yarn swap buddy. I got an amazing colorway of soft blues, greens and tan for the boys, and a kettle dyed colorway for me :). Pics you ask? I am awaiting a new downloading device, who’s name escapes me.

But, I will show you this-


Yep, I finally sewed something up for muah! It’s a super simple wrap skirt, and I did the prototype out of a fabric I don’t especially love, but it works. I need to add a couple of butt darts (yep, mama got back), but overall, I love it. I see myself riding out the summer in wrap skirt comfort.


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