Vacation was fabulous!

August 6, 2007 § 4 Comments

But getting back was better.  I missed the boys so much, and this project was waiting for me on Sunday—


Please excuse the giant black eyesore (PC).  I am getting an iMac in October… just waiting for the new OS.

The corner (where a beautiful Sublime Threads shirt is displayed), will double as my photography area.  I get the most fabulous yarn pics in that window’s sun.  The shelf below holds my photography equipment (tripod, cam, bag, lenses).

I plan to do something pretty with the window coverings, I just haven’t yet decided.  We rent, so I can’t paint (sadly).


Serger and cutting table.  If you look at the legs under the coverstitch machine, you will see the coolest “drawers”.  They attach to the legs of the table and swivel.  The large white tub is my scrap box.

The cutting table also doubles as my yarn winding table & shipping table.  Both of my swifts fit on it, and in the far corner you can see my ball winder.

The only thing I would like to complete this area (we forgot it, after Joey lost the mile long ikea list) is a shelf for my shipping supplies.


You can see the yarn tubs here.  I haven’t decided if I will go to shelving for yarn storage yet.  I don’t love having it all out, since I store in ziploc bags (It isn’t very attractive), but I need more storage since I have 24 pounds (:faint:) coming this afternoon.

That’s it.  The closet has fabric & a shelf for items that are in progress, but it isn’t nearly as organized as the room.  I also need to figure out a pattern filing system… it’s a serious problem, lol.

I just can’t wait to let the creativity flow.  There is something about an organized space that inspires me 🙂


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