Catching up…

July 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

Ah, it’s nice to catch up on work once in awhile. I dyed up 7 colorways on cashmere early this week and last. Mmmmm, cashmere. I have a small stash for myself that I am hording for something. This set was for the dye order. I don’t have photo’s yet, because I haven’t finished reskeining all the colorways.

I finished up my stuff IP-



Decided to rip out the socks that were in time out-


and *gasp* turned on the sewing machines-


I am getting ready for vacation. Yep, without the boys. It will be the 2nd time we have left Joey (the first was just a sleepover with his auntie and I was home to rescue him at any given second). I am a little excited and a little anxious. We will be gone for 2 nights. Paul is taking me to shop in the fabric district on our way out of town, and promises not to complain, LOL. Then we are off to Solvang, the one of the stopping places on our roadtrip honeymoon :).


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  • Holly says:

    Oh no, you ripped out your socks :-(. Do you make anything for yourself? Love the B&W soakers, very piratey. I’ve only left Jamie once. He was almost 3, and he still talks about it, “why did you HAVE to leave me?”

    Have fun.

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