Done at last!

June 27, 2007 § 2 Comments

Camping was *to say the least* interesting. Nice quick river + 2 rambunctious boys = No knitting! They loved it. Our spot was right on the river, nice and secluded, and it was fairly shallow where we were. Where are the pictures you ask?!?! Well, I was doing my darnedest to make sure everything was packed… I made sure the cam had a empty CF card, and then proceeded to put the battery on the charger.

It REMAINED there the entire weekend.

I did go tubing down the river, and then I promptly asked Paul to never let me do that again! I was in some serious pain. Aside from the rocks that slammed my tailbone and knee, I used muscles that have been out of commission since I played softball. That was, um, 8 years ago.

But, the pants and hat set are done, after some marathon knitting & finishing on Monday. Weaving in ends is so easy, but it takes some time! Here they are-


For now? I am back to dyeing. This weeks list-

Snips and Snails


Earth II

Forget me not

– all on Cascade Eco, which is a very, very nice mid-grade wool. It shouldn’t break the bank either!


§ 2 Responses to Done at last!

  • hjdong says:

    No knitting, no camera, and an injury. Oh yeah, that sounds . . . interesting. I hope my two week camping trip is heavier on the knitting and lighter on the . . . interesting :-). Glad you made it back safe and sound. Looking foward to seeing you (and finding your blog!).

  • finbunny says:

    WOW. Those longies and hat are great!! good job.

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