It’s swim time!

June 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Finally, summer is here! It’s a hot 95 degrees out, and it’s time to swim, eat and go to bed early!

blogpool2.jpg blogpool.jpg

Don’t you remember summer? Playing so hard you could barely keep your eyes open past 7pm? Ahh, the good times! Chris and Joey are enjoying every minute of it. But, Joey isn’t a big pool fan, and I am thinking (hoping) it’s a developmental stage/fear. We are having him do a little bit of pool time every time we go though. I am hoping a handful of positive experiences will ease him back into swimming.

We are camping starting this Thursday and I am sooooo excited! We haven’t really gone as a family since having 2 kids. Call me chicken. But we are going. Tent, cookstove, air matress (he, he), and us. I haven’t decided if I am taking Winston yet. He is young, and I am not sure how it would go with him in the tent with us. My mom did offer to be our petsitter, so I may take her up on it.



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