Dial up sucks.

February 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

Need I say more? It took me 5 minutes to connect, go to blogger, log in, and get to the “new post” page. UGH!!! I am super irritated. I can’t even connect to verizon.com to order DSL. Damn thing keeps timing out!

But it has made me super productive in the crafting area. In the past few days, I have dyed 3 pounds of yarn, sewn up 3 outfits, and kept my darn house clean. Now, if I could just post pics to the internet of my stuff, and sell some of it… my life would be complete.

I haven’t yet started on Chris’ second knuck. It’s on the “list”. I am working on a pair of knucks, as a thank you for the work she put in on my website. I am also diligently working through Joey’s hoodie. It’s about finished.

I am super excited about this colorway.

It’s much prettier in real life, and I am hoping to get some good pics in natural light tomorrow. It will be paired with a lap t-shirt, though I haven’t decided what size. I was going to go with a 3-6 month size, but the print is on the larger side, so I don’t know how it will look. I may just do the 18 month size.

And I can’t leave out the other outfits I have been working on :).
Outfit #1- Cotton firetruck knit, paired with the most amazingly soft corduroy pants (with a special treasure pocket on the side)
Outfit #2- Chinese New year set. Michael Miller flannel bottoms (fantastic designer!), and a delicious cotton knit for the top. I may just keep this set for Joey.
Outfit #3- The knit shorts are Blackberry Ridge Merino, dyed by an amazing at-home biz, Wooly Wonders by Nada. Their stuff is just fantastic!!! Shirt is a soft cotton rib knit.


§ 2 Responses to Dial up sucks.

  • chelle says:

    Everything looks so fabulous!

    Glad you are getting so much done…now that I have the gloves out of my way I have been knitting like crazy!

  • Tif says:

    everything looks great! I KWYM about being more productive w/o the computer haha. These things are like your best friend and your worst enemy all in one lol.

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