i want to throw up

January 29, 2007 § 1 Comment

… there isn’t more to say. our move is now up in the air. they decided to paint the house, and it is ugly. ugly enough for me to really dislike it, but it’s ugly enough for paul to want cancel the move. i don’t even want to fight with him… if we move, i’ll have to hear about it for the rest of my life. i feel like i don’t have a leg to stand on either, since i think it’s pretty horrible. in his words, it’s “puke green with burgandy trim”, and while i don’t think the green is puke-y, it isn’t a pretty green.

the rental company knows how bad it is. they already had concerns voiced from a handy man who was working on it, and the manager has seen it and dislikes it. but in their words, they have spent 4 grand already, so it probably won’t be re-painted.

anyway. i am just overwhelmingly sad. i knew this was coming. it’s destined that i don’t get to move.


§ One Response to i want to throw up

  • chelle says:

    awwwww I am so so sorry!!! Is it really THAT bad?!?! ugh!!! It seemed to be the perfect fit 😦 My heart is breaking for you! Call or email if you need a playdate!

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