Smooth sailing

January 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

The house inspection went perfect. She was super impressed with the condition, being that we have lived here 5 years. I am thinking we will get at least 3/4 of our deposit back, and that is the best news ever.

Paul stayed home with me today, to help me clean up and because I had a bit of a breakdown last night. One word. Dentist. They reduce me to panic attacks. When I was 11 or 12, I had 4 molars removed, while I was awake. That was the beginning of the end. Add on some torturous (3 years worth) orthodontist appointments, a botched filling, wisdom teeth extraction, and there you have a history of dental hell. I digress. I had a filling done yesterday, and the dentist (we will call her dentist #2, because I get a different one every time) wasn’t the best. What about the second filling that needs to be done??? she pretty much wrote it up as a root canal, even though dentist #1 said he would go super slow to remove the botched filling (see sentence #7 of this paragraph) and avoid a root canal. Still following??? I am getting all blech just talking about it.

Anyway, now that I am getting the feeling back in my arms (told you I freak out) I’ll keep typing. The cost of the root canal is not pretty, but I can’t have more teeth pulled. I already have 6 gone, and 3 more wisdom teeth that need to go (the big guy upstairs felt I needed 5, yes FIVE, wisdom teeth). Alright, I am done with my rant.

On to better things. I got my website redone, and OMGosh. I can not wait until I go live with it. The designer was just fantastic to work with. She does incredible work, and her personality fit well with mine. Check her out

Alright, off to find some mindless TV for the night. Here is a pic to brighten your day. Chris shaving… mommy memories don’t get any better than this.


§ One Response to Smooth sailing

  • Chelle says:

    w00t So glad the inspection went well!! That is so wonderful and I am sure a huge relief! Becca and I will have to pop over and help you pack! (or at least wear out the boys a little so you can pack later!)

    Egads about the dentist! I am not a fan either, but I get the impression it bothers you a lot more than I!

    I can hardly wait to see your design makeover!!!

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