January 7, 2006 § Leave a comment

The holiday’s are over. In lots of ways I am thankful. NO MORE CRAP. Is there any way to limit the mindless spending that the relatives do? Chris got a Micro Machine NUCLEAR power plant for cripe’s sake. Have I mentioned I hate war? Hmmm, what else was on my list? My best friend (you know, the only person in the world who is supposed to understand you?) got Chris a pool table with pool balls that are the size of a quarter. Ummmm, Joey is 14 months and likes to attempt to put golf balls in his mouth… these are right up his alley. Joey got some elmo thing that vibrates like it shouldn’t be a kids toy (LOL) and it scares the crap out of him.

I am kind of sad too. I love the holiday’s. I love giving to people things that come from my heart. This year it was fun too! Chris began to understand the whole giving concept.

I got a new digital camera, which I *lurve* and Paul suprised me with a printer to replace my POS.

New Year’s sucked. I hate being in a family full of alcoholics. I won’t even go further with that cause I am still pretty torn up about the entire night’s events. Maybe some other time, just me, the blog and a cup of joe.

For your viewing pleasure, Paul and I-

and our buddies-


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