THE Christmas List

November 10, 2005 § Leave a comment

Here it is folks, my list-

Joey- CD Player and CD’s (the kid loves music!), a pentatonic xylophone (from here, and a couple of finger puppets will go into the stocking as well as some books.

Chris- A bike and the battery operated polar express train and north pole set for his wooden train set. He will get some finger puppets and books in his stocking as well.

Kendra- Fingerless glittens and leg warmers

Jake- Beanie w/ a GC for the movie theater inside.

Mom- Lace scarf & matching shirt

Dad- Black scarf (fisherman style) and something else???

Grandma- Felted mocs & nightgown

Lex- Felted mocs, a nightgown and a book set (american girl books)

Sarah- Felted mocs and a nightgown

Charlotte- Felted mocs and a pj set

The Cassani’s, The McElroy’s, The Bangert’s, Joan & Anita, Paul’s boss- Basket full of soup mix, cookies in a take out box (it is so cute!), pretzels dipped in chocolate and rolled in candy (done by Chris), and a ornament frame w/ the boys pic.

Now for Paul????? I think we are going to agree on something for the 2 of us, I am hoping for a new digital cam, and he wants one too, so maybe?


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