Finishing up

September 23, 2005 § Leave a comment

So I figured out the gnomes arms… I am tying and then weaving the ends into their bodies. It should withstand some pretty heafty play.

I am thinking of putting in another order at knitpicks. I really would like a primary rainbow of this yarn so that I can make Chris a bunch of guys for his stocking. I picked Grass, Daffodil, Blue Bonnet, and Red. I also got a bunch of stuff for scarves to sell at our camping park’s craft fair.

Onto family news. Chris has an amazingly high tolerance for pain, according to his doc. Poor kid had his eardrum rupture AGAIN! We are being referred to a ear, nose and throat specialist for tubes. Our ped is concerned with his ear’s ability to go from a barely there infection to rupturing in a matter of 12 hours. Blech. I don’t want him to go through any blood drawing/surgery/poking/prodding, but I have to put that aside, cause I would much rather him go through that stuff then lose his hearing.


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